Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Moon Behind the Clouds

Standing outside witnessing the moon come out of the shadows of the clouds is like watching myself come out of my shell. It is beautiful to see her. She is beauty. Please let me see you again. There you are, again and again. Please show yourself to me. My truth is painful. Saying my truth out loud is even more painful. Why does it hurt so much. I would rather hide behind the clouds, but she does not. She, the moon, just is. Big, bright, luminous, not afraid to show herself. Not afraid to be big. Always.
I feel like my truth is the disturber. A disturber I do not want to be. I do not want to be a cause of anyone's discomfort. So i hold the discomfort in myself. Silence is protection. But, silence isn't freeing. It only keeps me hidden, and living in fear. And my belly just endures the pain. Making me sick. I want to be the moon. My truth is my beauty and deserves to be spoken. It may not be agreed with, or wanted, nor heard. But it is my belly that I have to live with. I no longer want it to hurt, I no longer want to feel it's pain. So I will share my truth. In fear and in love, I will show myself. It will hurt to integrate the moon inside me to shine regardless who is witnessing. For it will stretch me and bend me open into another big and beautiful self.

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