Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun Sunday

Very sweet day today. Felt nice to relax and be with the kids with out having to go out anywhere. We really got to dive into projects and stay there as long as we wanted. We have been working on holiday decorations. The kids love to make paper snowflakes. BellaSky learned how to make paper boats.  I felt like expressing myself artistically, so I went looking for some tutorials. I found Snowflake Stars. I made it while the kids made cupcakes. Yes, they made there own cupcakes with out my help. It was interesting to find myself in a moment where I wasn't needed. I prepped myself that it was okay to put the project down unfinished if the plan changed. I sometimes have a hard time walking away from something that I want to do. Because after all, I want to get lost in it a project. I did put it down one time, and I did get to finish it. It is amazing what happens when I let go and surrender to what is.  A truly beautiful day.

Showing Luna how to make boats

Boats and hats

boat in the water, no more boat, now fun with paper water

Clean Paper mush is fun. Recipe: two rolls of toilet paper, 1 bar grated ivory soap, 1/3 cup borax. We will try it next time.

Luna stepped on something and wanted to clean her feet..She is very capable.

Trinity's Santa

I love the tree

Making the icing with coconut oil..

She wanted to make cupcakes all by herself. It was her own recipe. They tasted really good. She was very happy with herself.

They were very yummy!

BellaSky wanted to make her own as well, by herself. When she needed help, she asked Trinity. And Trinity helped. It was very sweet.

Yummy Yummy!

Toilet paper fun and chocolate chip cupcakes...What more can you want?

the first snowflake

the beginning of the second

Put them together and voila.

It was very satisfying...And listening the kids make cupcakes was a treat in and of itself.

Playing hide-n-seek. Oh I don't see anyone!

It's blurry but funny

Just hanging out and hiding on the

they are funny people

Trinity asks to get beat up.

A cupcake and note for Dada

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