Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Over the weekend we did so much preparing. I filled up 9 gallons of water for drinking, gathered wood outside, just in case we need to build a fire, but then I forgot to put a tarp over it. I realized it when it was raining yesterday. As I am preparing, all I could think about was, what if this is it? The thing that so many people are talking about, the collapse...or the end of civilization as we know it.... I honestly was asking myself, do we have what it takes to survive? Well we have 7 chickens, there's meat, can we even eat laying hens? Maybe just a lot of stock. By the way, they are not laying eggs yet. Anyway, my mind kept on going and running very far away from me. I was taken out of my head when BellaSky asked me to play baseball with her. Thank god, for that. I was going a little nuts trying to plan our survival. I will add that i was looking forward to not having electricity, just to experience what it would be like to live with out it.

What we did during the storm is not much different from what we do on a regular basis. Only they stayed in doors all day long. And because of how strong the winds were, they decided not to go outside. They watched from the open window.They have much respect for Mother Nature, they did not want to get in her way.  I baked bread, we baked chocolate chip cookies, lentil soup, egg salad...I made something else I can't remember.

BellaSky really loves bread.

One of the children in our home educators group came up with the idea of a Homeschool Art Show. It will be held at the Frobes Library in Northampton. It will be a big to-do. There will be a reception for the show as well on November 9th. Very Exciting!

Trinity is making the frame around her drawing.

 I really enjoyed watching them think about what they felt inspired to create. BellaSky asked for glass and magnets. So I went out Monday morning to Michaels to buy them, among other things that we needed. And, BellaSky wanted to make hers under the table..She is so funny.

The one in the middle is my favorite.

Luna actually had the camera yesterday took lots of video of the house. She is downloading some video now...I'm kidding.

Luna decided she wanted to be in the art show too. She painted her piece this morning. Her description is so funny.

We will add the frame tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Halloween!!!! AND IT ISN'T CANCELLED! Even better.
Luna's costume is ready to go. Trinity painted the skeleton. She wanted to be a mummy, but changed her mind at the store..Side note-I love Savors in Springfield.

Fortunately, we still have power and our trees. We weren't hit bad. Sending love to those that did.

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