Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We had the pleasure of witnessing our first baby chick being born two days ago. And yesterday, we welcomed eleven babies to our family. I am glad they don't mind living in the basement.  Today we will be picking up three or four more.

The kids are so excited. This definitely satisfies the craving of getting a new cat or dog. They have naturally chosen their favorites, though Luna fancies a handful. I am not sure she knows which one is which, as they are all dark in color, except two. Perseus was the first to hatch. Perseus is a Silkie..They are the cutest chickens I have ever seen. The Silkies were what turned my desire of raising laying chickens into a hobby. I would love to own a couple of them, one being a rooster so they can have babies. They are funny looking, which makes them cute. I was more excited because our first baby was a Silkie. But Trinity claimed the chick and named it Perseus, and she won't give it back. I am feeling sort of childish because I want it back.:) Perseus is adorable. 

 This is Perseus

 Their just relaxing with their chicks

You can see a little puff ball on top of the Perseus's head.

 This is BellaSky with Sky:)

This is either Black Jack, or Penut Butter, or Lily..Luna is so happy we have baby chicks.

 Exploring their new home

Luna had to visit them before we went to bed last night.

This is going to be so much fun learning who our chickens are. Reading about raising chickens is so different. My way of learning is hands on. My first lesson was not to soak so many grains at once. Yes, I am making homemade feed. Happy Chicks!

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