Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Joy of Sleepovers

I have a house filled with 6 beautiful little people. The night ended with little giggles and yawns, and the morning filled with footsteps from them looking to see who is up. Their laughs were filled with just their breathe. Very sweet. I know how happy my children are to wake up with their best friends whom they haven't spent time with in almost a month.
Their request last night was pancakes. Oh how I love me some pancakes. In my younger years pancakes only happened when I was at my Titi Detti's house. It was out of a box, where you add the eggs and milk..I remember them being so yummy, with warm Aunt Jamima syrup. I can remember standing at her stove with a cast iron pan, and listening to the butter sizzle. That was my favorite part.
My pancakes are far far away from a box mix and high fructose corn syrup. Like more than 10 years away.

I am having my own little sleep over...with my flour. I have only been home a week from our long journey to NC and have been inspired from my friends on the way and back to finally take the plunge. Thank you to Maria Cracker and Nina. I soaked my flour overnight for the second time. The act of preparing a bed for the flour, and it waiting for me in the morning, is like mothering my food. The benefits are the gift. To our body and my soul. Anything that is going to feed me this way is really worth it. And, part of the meal is half done, which makes my job a lot easier. Or at least it feels that way.

I used to sprout mung beans a couple of years ago and make salads with them. I got bored of it. There were so many other grains and beans I could have sprouted. I just didn't have the mental space to do more than I was.
I sprouted chickpeas for the first time, it was what I had on hand that were dried beans. It was super easy. I was visiting my beans a few times a day and rinsing them until the sprout was as long as the bean itself. I then cooked them for a little while until tender.
I made a gluten free chocolate cake made with sprouted chickpeas instead of flour. I added our favorite coconut icing on top. The kids loved it and wanted more. I will be making more, but it is going to take a couple of days to sprout the beans first. lol It is so worth the wait.

I am embarking on new adventures with cooking. It definitely takes some planning which forces me to think ahead. I must say, it beats scrambling trying to figure out what I am going to make last minute. I am learning that doubling the recipes prevents me from being in the kitchen cooking all day, which is what it feels like sometimes. This really works because we don't eat at the same time everyday. Well I should say that we have our own, or they have their own eating rhythm. The freedom of being home educators and having independent learners. So there is food available when they need it.

It is one of those things when you finally know when something is good for you, there is no going back...

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