Friday, November 4, 2011

Lemony Olive Oil Banana Bread

It was 7:28 when Luna wanted her morning milk. I struggled a little because I really wanted to sleep before the other little feet came drumming down the steps. I had to warn them of the reason to keep the living room door shut. We have a little visitor. Country Mouse.
They squealed, thinking they had a new pet when I told them.
Oh little farm mouse. You are lucky you aren't a city mouse. It would have been a very different experience last night when we met.
Feeling really vulnerable this morning, I checked my email for feedback. Acceptance maybe? I wish the relief of expressing my needs weighed more then the feeling of fear of rejection.
Then I saw the most amazing title. Lemony Olive Oil Banana Bread. What could be better? It actually made me excited. Food glorious food....

Trinity and I baked. She read the ingredients. It is marvelous to be part of her growth. And to be there to share that smile of excitement and pride.
Baking. Something I can control. Didn't I just talk about this. I can control the sweetness of melted chocolate and bananas, a tinge of lemon...(I am following a recipe)
It will love me, and I will love the bread. Just so you know I am very well aware of the comfort of my food.
I will honor my feelings when the space provides. In the mean time I have a delicious bread to eat.

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