Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirit Trees

Lastnight, I listened to the giggles of excitement because of our very first snow fall. Elated by the white dust, they informed me of our need for winter gear, and warmer pajamas. Yes...we are no longer in the South. Who new we would be trick-or-treating in the snow...

We hung out with some friends today who live in Shutesbury. My new favorite road is Shutesbury Rd. I drove along this narrow winding road, and was welcomed by a very huge..and I mean HUGE beautiful tree. She was standing in the middle of many skinny trees. I had to stop the car because she took my breath away. Then I realized I needed to keep driving to follow my friend. As we are driving up this road, the inches of snow was rising on the lands of Shutesbury Rd. It was hysterical actually. I called George and said, I want to move here. He said where is here? I told him..Shutesberry Rd. He laughed.
We settled into our friends home. No more then an hour and half later the kids yell, "Moose! Moose!" I knew I heard moose, but I couldn't quite understand why they were yelling it. Why would there be a moose on Shutesbury Rd. And there he was. Looking at us looking at him. He was taller then the mailbox. Way taller. I have never seen anything like it. I froze. I think I lost my breath. Very different from my breath being taken away. The he walked away into the wood. And that was a young one they said. My friend said people have lived here for years and had never seen a moose. They have spotted 4 or 5....
I am sorry Shutesbury Rd. I no longer want to live on you. I am happy in my little farm looking town, Granby. Where fox visit us and wild turkey. I heard a bear came to a neighbors house but I will just pretend that didn't happen b/c she lives down the road not very close to us.

Driving home I went back the way we came because the girls wanted to see the white horse we saw coming up the hill. I personally wanted to see the tree again. I pulled over, got out of the car, and walked to the tree. I touched her; wow was she big. I got out because I wanted to hug her. When I got there I felt it was only ok to touch her a little bit. Not a lot. It may sound weird but that is what I heard. When I got back to the car, Trinity asked me why I didn't hug the tree. When i told her the tree didn't want me to, she said, "Well the tree might let me." I told her that is between her and the tree. We will be back to visit it. I bet the tree has a lot to say.

There is a beautiful children's book that I bought 5 yrs ago. The Tree, by Dana Lyons. The author talks about how a song came flowing out of her on the last day of her vacation while sitting at the base of a Douglas Fur. She doesn't know where the song came from, but guessed it was coming from the tree. While at a Lummi celebration, the tribal chief wanted to hear The Tree. After telling the story of how The Tree came about, the chief confirmed that in their tradition each tree has a song. And the chief recognized the tune. It is a beautiful story. We love reading it.
I do believe if we listen closely we will hear their songs, their stories.

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Have you been to the Granby Oak?