Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkins, Leaves, and Sauerkraut Oh My....

What an incredible week. First, I told you I would post pictures of Trinity's pumpkin. It looks fabulous at night. She was very proud of herself.

Second, I wanted to post pictures of the pumpkin seeds Trinity and I made together.

She was very happy with how they came out.

Some friends came over to play and you can't help yourself when there is such an abundance in your backyard. The greatest game in the fall. It can go one for hours..

Can you smell them?

They gather..

They throw

They attack... me..

They are leaf mummies

Funny Mummies

I have been wanting to learn more about fermenting foods. I have a friend in NJ who has Fermentation Friday's at his house. I thought that was a clever idea and wanted to start my own group. I told myself when I start the group, it is then that I will learn more about and making fermented food. I haven't gotten around to setting up the group yet and I don't have to believe that I have to wait till there are people in my house to do so..
This is my first attempt to making my own sauerkraut. BellaSky and I made this together. It was very fun. It felt like a science experiment. Everytime we pushed the cabbage down we cheered, "It's working!" This was made on Sept 26th. BellaSky and I try a little every few days. It tastes really good. Trinity does not like it at all.. I invite visitors to taste it, and they really like it too. I know there are great benefits to fermenting food, and I am still learning about them. I am not one to follow one particular diet...But I believe and live by food is our medicine. And I know that sauerkraut is a digestive tonic. I love trying different kinds of foods, and I try to listen to what my body needs. This particular day it wanted to make sauerkraut. And now I get to have some.
You can put anything in your sauerkraut. I have red cabbage and green cabbage with red onions. Yum Yum! I don't have a crock, but I made it work in these jars. I have little jelly jars inside the big mason jars to keep the cabbage pressed and the liquid high above the cabbage. It seems to do its job. I want to wait the full month before I make another batch. I will use the liquid (brine) for the next batch as it is an active culture starter.. It is all so very exciting. My next project is making water kefir. Then, Greek yogart...I am having so much fun.

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