Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baking with my little Yummies

I really do enjoy baking. I tend to turn to baking when I am having one of those moments where some sort of predictability is needed..You know the moments where you want to control an outcome. I go the scientific route. If you just follow the directions and measurements, all will be well. Really! ...and it tastes great too.
Having children who like to help bake, sometimes changes my experience, which brings me back to square one when needing to create my "controlling situation outlets". Mind you these events for myself happen at least once a month. I think we bake a considerable amount. This was not one of those times. This was one of many fun moments of baking with my children.

We made coconut banana chocolate cookies. Well, that is what we call them. They are from a blog that I have been following for almost two years. She has great recipes.

smashing bananas

the oats

i love how they help each other

you have to expect spills and happily let them is all part of the joy of baking with little ones

so delicious

before we added the chocolate chips

their favorite...eating it

Sorry I never got to take pictures of the finished cookie...they were super yummy as you can imagine. I had to put some aside for George..that's how good they were. Trinity made them once and sold them at a kids market. They were a hit.

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