Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Play

I do love fall. It is my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp smell of the fall air. The crunchy leaves. Wearing scarves around my neck. Though the past couple of days it has felt like summer. But I know it is coming...it is right around the corner

Today we went to see our down the road neighbor friend Joan. She has a horse named Zelda and a pony named Pony Girl. They are 25 and 30 yrs old. This is our second time going to her house and just hanging out with her and her animal friends. The kids get to feed them and pet them. Today we fed them peanuts. Joan was showing the kids flat hands when feeding them. Pony Girl thought Luna's fingers were food and nipped her. Luna was more scared then hurt. She kept her distance for a bit then was back to admiring her nose. Pony Girl likes to graze and needed a brushing, so the girls lured her outside the fence while Joan went to get brushes. When Joan got back Pony Girl was almost out. They were very proud of themselves. I think she thought they had more peanuts. The children really enjoyed brushing her. She is so much more children friendly because she is smaller. It is really sweet that we get to hang out with Joan and her horse and pony. I know BellaSky is getting her fill.

Afterwards we went to two farm stand down the road because the girls really wanted to get some pumpkins and gourds. BellSky and Luna bought little baby ones. You can't wrong with $1 per lb. They got three each. Trinity bought a bigger one so she could carve it.
When we got home BellaSky decorated her small ones with markers. Then we all cut and cleaned Trinity's pumpkin. It was the main event. They found it humorously gross touching and pulling on the slimy stringy insides. We separated the seeds to bake for tomorrow. They are soaking in salt water right now until tomorrow. I wanted to soak them or sprout them. I found a cool Toasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe. Trinity is very excited to try the seeds. I have childhood memories of pumpkin seeds..They are very yummy. I can't wait to eat these..

Trinity wasn't sure what she wanted to carve out yet. We decided to go to the library to get some ideas. While we were there a book literally jumped off the shelf and onto the floor. I am not kidding. We were there not even 5min. I was making scary sound affects. Trinity picked it up and low and behold....it was a Halloween book! Did I mention that Trinity is all about Halloween? She found what she wanted to carve in that book. I am not surprised.:0 Creeepy!!!!
It was fun carving the pumpkin together. She was so proud of herself. She asked me to do the mouth and she did the eyes. We put it in the front window and lit it up. Wicked cool...See I am from the New England area now I have say that.. Wicked...I couldn't find our camera so I don't have any pictures of the scary pumpkin. Not so wicked..;( I will keep looking.
It was relaxing and peaceful day. I love when everything just flows..

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Pauline said...

What a great way to bring in the first week of Autumn. Wicked cool.