Tuesday, June 14, 2011


‎"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin

Isn't it funny how what we want to free ourselves from is the very thing that actually comforts us? Until it hurts too much. Then what? What do you do? You scramble for some familiarity because the idea of change leaves you cemented to the ground. If you try to take one step forward you will fall. Maybe fall to your death.. Ok sorry if this is beginning to sound like some mobster movie.
Standing at a cliff, taking a risk to jump. It is a choice. You can stay there or you can jump off. Risk your life for happiness, change, liberation, growth.... How often do you find yourself there? You come back around full circle to just find yourself in the same spot. Except you are just more tired. You can imagine yourself blossoming and free but then what does that mean? Who will you become, and who will you have to let go of to get there? What piece of yourself will you have to say goodbye to? And why do you hold on so long?
Who do you think the person you are afraid of letting of makes you? And what will the people do around you when you are not that person anymore? What job have you made yourself responsible for that you can't imagine quitting, that you have told yourself people can't do with out? We don't even realize the shackles we put on ourselves. I am sure at one point it protected us, made us feel safe, but what good is protection when it hurts. Thank you for protecting me. But I don't need it anymore.



scintillatingspeck said...

Good questions, Natalie. Have any answers come through? Have you jumped into a new way of being?


Natalie said...

I am always jumping..lol The quote just brought up so many thoughts I had to write them down. And....jumping again. :)

youngprettyandsmart said...

The song on your blog caught my attention. I started to read this post and it really spoke to me.