Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conversation with Trinity

Trinity: Mommy, don't you think it is weird for a santa clause to be in the stores. I mean you walk into a store and then there he is...

Me: Yes I guess it is weird when you put it like that. ( realizing that she is right)

Trinity: Why would he be there? Out of all the places why would he choose a store to be in...I feel like they are using the spirit of Christmas to make money. That doesn't feel good. I feel like a long time ago people knew and lived the spirit of Christmas. They remembered the stories of Saint Nicholas. They made their gifts. Now people just shop and shop and they tell their children that is what it is all about.

Me: (really blown away by the conversation) (I have been nodding my head the entire time. right there with her) You are really wise Trinity...it is amazing that you see that and feel that. I feel that is how they commercialize the holiday and make money. People have a choice. When they choose to take pictures with santa, they cherish those pictures and send them to family..We have bought some of your gifts and we know we don't have to wait for a holiday to buy you something. I just can't imagine parents actually telling their kids that Christmas is all about shopping...

Trinity: (cutting me off) well they show them by doing it..(after this comment i was really noticing her strong opinions about this) What I love about Christmas is the giving part more than the getting part. I love seeing the reaction on your face and people's face when I give them something..(she was getting very emotional)

Me: really? that is wonderful feeling. What is making you cry?

Trinity: because this is exactly how i am feeling and i am saying exactly how i feel.

Me: sometimes when we say our truth, so much emotions can come with it...thank you for sharing your truth with me..

I love being a mother. I love these moments with her and hearing her feelings and opinions and thoughts. It is such an honor to guide and support my children.

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