Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trinity's moving pictures project

Our homeschooling group concentrated on moving pictures this month. Yesterday the kids made moving picture movies. Trinity loves Halloween sooo much. So when she had to choose what her story was going to be about, it was easy for her to decide. Trinity and her friend Valarie, partnered up and created The Ghost and Bat Save Halloween. They were very focused on this project. They took turns moving the characters and taking pictures. After a while they asked me to take the pictures. This job takes a lot of patience. I can't believe how long it took and how determined they were. When they had different ideas they worked through them. Trinity is very attached to any ideas she has, especially having anything to do with creating something. I was interested in seeing how this was going to work for her as far as sharing ideas with someone else. At one point Valarie wanted to make the bat and ghost fight over the map b/c she thought it would be funny. At first Trinity was holding onto the idea of it being serious and then realized it would be funny after all.They were very happy with the entire experience. All the children worked really hard on their movies. It was a lot of fun to watch their faces watching their hard work.

The slideshow setting speed is set to 1 sec. but it still isn't fast enough. So you can press forward really fast to capture the movie. Enjoy!

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