Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Words on a Hike

There are just certain things I really want to remember..
We went on a hike yesterday. This trail is a very special trail. It runs along the Eno River. The last time we were there BellaSky came up with our call for our family..Every time she saw a root she would say loudly A ROOT! A ROOT! After a couple of times we repeated after her "a root" which turned into AROOOOOOOOOOOOT! So when they would go far ahead of me and I couldn't see them I would holler AROOOOOOOOOOT! then they would say it back to me so I would know they weren't too far ahead. It was pretty cool.
So this time, while they were ahead of me, Luna and I had a very sweet conversation. She asked me where I came from. I was a little shocked by her question because it is such a complex question. I think the other two asked me after 3yrs old I think.. I can't even remember. One of my challenges is simplifying answers. George usually gently reminds me 'too much info' when i go off on my tangents... He would have been proud this time.
I repeated the question back to her...

Me: where did I come from?
Luna: yeah
Me: where do you think I came from?
Luna: your mommy!

I had two was Phew! thank god I don't have to to think so hard how to make those words smaller-she did it for me.....and the other one was...What! I was amazed that she said that.

Me: yes I came from my mommy
Luna: what's your mommy's name?
Luna: Beronica?
Luna: I miss her I want to smell her
We laughed
Me: where did you come from?
Luna: mommy!
Me: yes you did
Luna: and daddy....
We hugged hard...


George said...

i love those moments
missing you

Natalie said...

She just asked me again where i came from and repeated the answer along with from your daddy too? we miss you too