Saturday, March 5, 2011

Checking in 2011

Hellooo again...I would like to say I am back but i am not really sure if that is the case. I just felt like writing..I really miss writing. I also learned something about myself. I have a need to be witnessed. To be seen. To be met. Met where I am. I feel so empty right now.. I need to fill up my well with lots of fresh spring water..I think i am also

Right now the girls are with my best friend Mai. She took them to the park while I rest a bit. I have been less than 100% for the past two weeks. I can not kick this cold which is very odd for my body. But it would make sense b/c i am not home. We have been up north visiting family for the past three weeks. I also had three days of amazing training up at Shalom Mountain. There is something chaotic about not being in your own space, especially with free range children. I have had to be ON.
In between the chaos I had the pleasure of hanging out with unschooling families. Jen and her family and Abe and his family. It was like a breath of fresh air. Feeling myself again felt really good. I do look forward to going home tomorrow. Even Luna is asking to go home.

I am going home to pack...That was just brought to my attention two days ago. SO let me back up a bit. We are moving to Western Massachusetts. George is already there. He transferred and started Trader Joe's last Monday. I will be going back with the girls to pack..basically. Who's idea was this? Oh right, mine. and my grand ideas. We will be living apart for the almost 2 months. It is already hard. Our house is on the market. I am crossing ever fiber in my body that we sell. Please cross your fingers too for us.

Sitting in transition. Everything is so unfamiliar. just 3 weeks ago I felt like I was on top of the world and now I just feel so disconnected. I just want to close my eyes and just be there with George. Or maybe just be home...I think just being home is going to feel better. This isn't something i can really make sense about. So I am not even going to try.

Today Trinity and BellaSky and Luna found these amazing stones under Mai's tree. One of them looks like a rose quartz. Trinity was very excited..They collected not so normal stones under a tree. They made signs and separated the large stones from the small and medium size ones to sell. They sat out there yelling "Crystals for sale!" Trinity was wondering why no one was buying any...She was determined though. She stayed out there for a while in the wind. BellaSky visited her and helped sell too. Luna came in asking for a penny so she could buy one. So Trinity did end up having customers. And they were her sisters. It was very sweet. We did learn how those stones ended up under that tree, which is odd because we were here last summer and those stones weren't there, but any how the person that lived here before Mai emptied out his fish tank under that tree...That explains why those beautiful stones were there. These stones lead us into talking about birthstones..Trinity was very beside herself when she learned that her stone was a Pearl..BellaSky is Sapphire and Luna is Garnet..

I look forward to seeing our sweet friends back home in NC and spending as much time as possible before we move. It will be bittersweet for sure. I look forward to playing in the beautiful weather. We already have plans to go to two playgrounds, hiking to our mountain(huge boulder) and getting loco pops...So far so good. It is amazing how much more you love something when you are going to leave it.

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