Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day

So tomorrow is BellaSky's birthday. I went into labor around 11pm tonight 4 yrs ago. I birthed her unassisted. I knew before I conceived her that I was going unassisted. I think that is why she chose me. She is person who knows what she wants and how she wants it. It was an amazing experience. Very powerful for me.
So last year for her third birthday, the birthday fairies came and decorated the living room. Not too much though, BellaSky didn't like a big deal made out of her. Seriously.
We get out of bed and all walk into the living room. I am watching her reaction to the streamers. She has a smile on her face..I say" Happy birthday baby!" She makes this huge grunt and screams away..Trinity and I look at each other. Trinity says to me, "I guess she didn't like that." I felt soooo bad. I felt like I messed it all up. I got so excited. It just fell out. I didn't know she was going to feel that way. We gave her space and everything was fine after that...
SO, this year, today, BellaSky says to me.."mommy, you can't say happy birthday to me until I am wearing my dress ok?" I said OK! then she says make sure you tell daddy and Trinity. I went up to her and asked her," do you want the birthday fairies to come and decorate for you..She smiled a big smile and said YES! then she said birthday fairies aren't real..i said, I am a birthday fairy and I am real..she laughed.
I love that she can tell me what she wants and needs. She trusts that I will listen. I feel so honored to have you in my life..Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy BellaSky. It has been an amazing journey these last 4yrs..Looking forward to many many more. You have taught me so much. "I love you more then the whole wide universe!"

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