Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Mother

She had a laugh that was loud and contagious, when she sang I got chills all over my body, her love was as fierce as her anger, and...she was beautiful....she was my mother. Our children choose us, which means I chose you. Growing up I was always reminded of how I was like you and i hated it. Now....I love knowing I am you. All I needed were people who embraced my laugh, encourage me to sing, and hold the space for my intense love and anger. I am fierce. I don't apologize for it. I have people in my life who remind me that I am beautiful when I don't believe it. I am an amazing mother and I know what not to do but I can allow myself the space to go there when it gets hard. Which makes me realize that you had none of what I have. Community, support, and unconditional love. Rest in peace mom. Light and Blessings to you, mom.

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Kelly said...

This is so beautifully expressed.