Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am THAT Mom

I have cried and laughed reading all the beautiful 'I am that mom/dad' blog post..I was inspired and wanted to jump on the train.

Big Breath...here we go.

I am that mom.
I am that mom who will go up to the owner of a restaurant or grocery store and educate them on what Styrofoam does to our sea turtles because Trinity and BellaSky are heart broken and determined to save them. I am that mom who will go to a salon to dye (at the time) my 6 yr olds hair blue because she wanted to see what it was like. Knowing I was going to get really bad looks from other parents and doesn't care. I am that mom who is ok with BellaSky going outside in the winter with out a jacket because I trust that if she were cold she would tell me. I always carry a jacket with me just in case.

I am that mom who wakes up a couple of times in the middle of the night to tickle BellaSky's feet to help her go back to sleep. I am that mom who will read two different books at the same time b/c it is the only thing that will make them happy at that moment. I am that mom who will drive 10 hours to NJ with three girls and stop as much as they want to because the drive sucks and they need to move. I am that mom who will listen deeply to my children when they are sad, mad, in rage. I don't have to say anything to them. I am that mom who can just hold them in that space and not feel like I have to fix it. I am that mom who respects when they don't want a kiss or a hug or to be touched. I am that mom who teaches them boundaries by listening to theirs and my own. I am that mom who will ask them when they are playing if they are ok with the situation at hand, to remind them of their own voice. I am that mom who talks to the girls about how important and sacred their body is, and celebrates it with them. I am that mom who knows and trusts deeply with her own being that this life that we live is what is best for my girls.

I am that mom who knows that there is no such thing as a script. We change our mind, our emotions and we can be fluid in all of it and accept and love ourselves fully. I am a mom who is on this journey of learning self care and self love. I am a mom who is tired and is learning how to say no when I know I can't do it, and be ok with that. I am a mom who is learning how to be gentle with myself when I am not living up to the standards that i put myself under. I am a mom who has the opportunity to relive my childhood with my girls and gets to heal old stories, and feels the freedom and that freedom pours onto my family. I am a mom who fiercely knows that my girls are the future and I want them to love big and be big and feel big. I am mom who is raising women.

I am THAT Mom.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love this. Beautiful :)

Ronnie said...

Oh, lovely.

I'm linking your post in the comments here with many, many others.

gail said...

This was just lovely. Thanks for sharing <3

Sylvia said...

Love this. Really hoping someday the men I'm raising will meet women like the ones you're raising!

Julie said...

Beautiful post! Your girls are so blessed to have a mom like you.

Frank said...

Wonderful! It's nice to find you via this spontaneous blog carnival.

Sarah said...

<3 Wonderful.