Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saving The Sea Turtles

Trinity came to me 2 weeks ago and said she wanted to raise money for the animals. I asked which animals she wanted to raise money for.. She said all of them..After talking for a while she narrowed it down to sea turtles, gorillas, and fostering dogs..I am not so sure we can do the dog thing just yet...
She made fundraiser party invitations for all of her friends with pictures of sea turtles on them. I can't believe it is almost here. The party is this Friday. She wanted to share with them everything they can do to save the turtles. So she has been practicing what to say when her friends come. Two days ago she got to practice with a friend of ours who asked her what the fundraiser was about. She told her everything..She was so proud of herself that she remembered it all.

Today we went out to lunch, just the two of us. It was very special. The Chinese restaurant used styrofoam plates. When the food came Trinity freaked out and said,"Mom we need to tell them! They need to know what this does to the sea turtles.."
Trinity says "First we need to be polite and tell them that we like their food, then tell them that they shouldn't use Styrofoam."
I started laughing when she said that.
As we were eating I started to feel some anxiety around her telling them. I wasn't sure how they were going to respond or not respond to her. She has become so passionate about this, I wasn't sure if they were going to receive her the way any of our friends would. This would be her first time educating someone other then our friends...
I found myself rushing after a while and kind of hoping she would forget. As I was gathering up our stuff she got up and went right toward the front counter. I followed crossing my fingers and being hopeful...

She went right up to her and quietly said, "I have something to tell you"
woman-what?(and looks at me)
me- she has some feedback for you.
(the women looks back at Trinity)
Trinity-mommy you tell her
Me- you can tell her.
woman- it is ok to tell me, you can tell me
Trinity- i liked your food
woman- thank you i hope to see you again soon
Trinity- but there was something that i didn't like
woman- oh yeah what is that?
Trinity-foam, you are using foam
(the woman starts nodding her head)
Trinity- that foam hurts the earth and the sea turtles
woman- i know i know i know what you are saying. you know when we had the drought they came to me and told me we couldn't use the amount of water we were using. we had to change to these plates. when i eat i use silverware and glass plates and i wash them
(the woman looks at me) they try to get rid of one problem and create another
(then she looks back at trinity)
i hope you come back and when you do order take out. we don't use the foam.
Trinity smiled.

She felt so good after that. I felt so relieved after that. It was a good experience. Looking back now I am surprised and not surpirsed I felt anxiety. No body wants our children to feel rejected..But would she have? Or would that have been my experience..It is amazing how our own stories/baggage can just come walking in at any given moment. I know that I can't control how people respond to her. I can only be present in the moment with her in her feelings and answer any question she would have honestly. I would only respond to her reaction. Not mine. I want to support her with what ever she is passionate about regardless of how she is received.
I am so proud of her. She has amazing courage. She is my hero...

Can't wait to make a sea turtle calzones on Friday!!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Sooo sweet.
Hooray for Trinity!

Can't wait to hear about the party.

Andrea said...

Rock on Trinity!!

A quote I love, not sure who originally said/wrote it
"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes" maybe it should be especially if your voice shakes, then you know it is something you feel passionately about :)

Three Mommies said...

That is so wonderful! I was thinking about you and the girls so I popped over to your blog. It made me so happy to read about Trinity. She is really brave :)

Desiree said...

absolutely precious! xo