Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trinity BLUE

Trinity had been asking for a while if I could dye her hair blue. My answer was sure if that is what you really want. When I asked her why she felt like doing this she said because it would be fun. I had planed on getting manic panic but her hair is so dark you wouldn't have been able to see it. She didn't want a wash out or fake clip-ons. She wanted the real deal. Of course she would why would she want anything different. I felt it was important to support her in her self expression. I explained to her the darkness of her hair and that if she wanted to see it it would need to be stripped. She also expressed that she wanted to pay for it herself with her birthday money. I said all the better. She has more money that we do these days. I called around and compared prices. It was cheaper then I expected. Off to the salon. I made an appoiintment as well to get a trim. We made it a girls day out.

She drew a picture to show the woman how she wanted it done. The woman, Sarah recommended that she do it differently and was looking at me to get her to change her mind. I explained to Trinity what she was meaning and Trinity said no I want it like the picture. And that is what Sarah did. And she didn't refer to me anymore after that. Trinity ask lots of questions. It was so cool to watch the interaction between them. Some people talk about homeschooled children not being socialized or not having enough socialization. I feel for the most part homeschooled/unschooled children are very socialized. My child is not afraid to look at an adult in the eye and speak or not speak if she so chooses. She is socializing all of the time, everywhere we go.
By the end it took a total of two hours. She was very ready to leave the last 20 minutes. But we played, sang, read, and talked to pass the time. She was very excited and happy with her hair. It looks really cool. It made me want to dye my hair the same way.

We have gone out and have gotten mixed reactions. Some think it is awesome and some not so awesome. They look at us as if we are unfit parents. But that is ok. We all make different choices. We believe she has the right to express herself and encourage that.
She loves telling people that her middle name is Blue just like her hair.


Stephanie said...

Sooo cute is that little gril.
I'm glad she got it the way she wanted it!!

Mem said...

my neighbor highlights her daughters hair because as she ages it is getting less "blond" i have always wondered if the little girl wanted this or the mom. kudos to you for allowing trinity to do her own thing- blond or blue! then again with a mom like you i think i would be suprised if you didn't let her!
i think it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie love trinitys hair with the blue in it!!!!:) 2 hrs thats along time did you just play, sing, read, and only talk? Did u dye your hair the same way or not?

love & peace,

Natalie said...

Hey Caroline, yeah that is basically what we did, she also spoke with the woman who dyed her hair and the man cutting my hair too. She asked a lot of questions as to what was going on with the entire process. No I stopped dying my hair 6 yrs ago. Though I wouldn't mind the blue.