Friday, June 5, 2009

Chard, Broccoli and KALE Oh My

I am so happy with our garden. It has been so wonderful to go outside when ever we need some food and harvest it, which has been alot. The girls have had such a wonderful experience and to know that they will remember this when they are adults warms me up inside. We could be one of those families in MotherEarth News Magazine. I am so happy to be able to give it to them. BellaSky eats everything from our garden. She ate an entire swiss chard plant. It is her favorite season for fresh fruit and raw veggies. She says,"Go outside, eat broccoli?" and she is naked...when is she not naked?

We harvested the first batch of broccoli..I have never experienced the taste of fresh broccoli, it was actually very peppery. George said that is how he remembers it in Portugal at his grandmothers house.
Two types of kale and swiss chard...Very yummy!

Pizza with lightly sauteed shallots and swiss chard and broccoli..It was almost gone before I took the picture.

More broccoli shooting up

Sauteed broccoli, tomatoes, garlic and onions with quinoa

We harvested the rest of the sugar snap peas. We did leave some on there so we can save the seeds for a fall crop. We will see if it works.

It is just so beautiful an delicious.

I bought some ground beef from a fellow homeschooler who had a cow, grass fed. The smell is different, the taste is very different; I don't ever want to buy meat at the store again.(which was whole paycheck or trader joe's and only when we had extra cash) I didn't have to put hardly any seasonings because the broccoli was very tasteful. Very yummy.
Our beans are growing and flowering- balck beans, lima beans, black scarlet beans, tiger eye beans, we may have one bush of canelli beans that made it, but we'll see.
So many types of tomatoes, and peppers we received from our great friends in NJ-my favorite tomatoes are gooseberry tomatoes...I can't wait to eat those. I am not sure if I will be able to share them with anyone...
Cucumbers, squash, watermelon, zuchini, and soon to come Trinity's sister seeds project. George has taken over these new crops. I feel I do better with hardy plants, tomatoes intimidate me.

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Mem said...

we so enjoyed the nourshment we recieved from your garden- food and friends... we need to come over again soon- why do my weeks rush by like rapids on a river?