Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

We woke up and Trinity wanted to make a skirt. I took one of my old dresses and started to take it apart and attempt the idea of sewing a skirt for Trinity. I have never done this before. It was very exciting. Then she remembered she was supposed to have a strawberry festival with her friend Leah, our neighbor. She runs to her room gets dressed and tells me she is going to their house to find out if they are still doing it. What about the skirt, I asked. We will still do it, she said.
Needless to say she returned with her friends. They played and prepared for the lemonade stand and strawberry festival, aka selling strawberries.

The strawberry is wrapped in there. There were four of them so nicely wrapped. She sold three of them. Leah had to go to celebrate mothers day. Trinity waited for people to come and buy lemonade. She was very committed.

One of my wishes for the day was to make dinner with out interruptions with the exception of Luna to feed her. Cooking is a dance and I Love to Dance-chicken piccata and pasta with spring onions, mushrooms with asparagus.- Delicious.

Do you see the smoke rising? Yummy!

Trinity played with her friends till like 7:30 I think..She came inside and went into her room. When she came out she gave me a picture she drew and wished me Happy Mothers Day. I missed her so much..I feel like she was gone all day. She is the reason I became a mother I felt like I needed to thank her in some way..So I waited patiently all day long. lol It was very sweet. After dishes were done, BellaSky fell asleep, Trinity asks, Are we going to make the skirt now? How about we color together....She was very excited to do that. Luna in sling, Trinity and I drew a Pegasus unicorn flying home to candy land. It was perfect. Thank you for making me a mama baby girl.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Stephanie said...

The "hanging out" was absolutely the best part of my day, too.
Having the babies in my arms. :)
Glad you had a love-filled day.