Monday, May 11, 2009

Making room for a hobby...

.....that is quite satisfying
I have always imagined a shelf with beautiful fabric and a sewing table and beautiful clothing...but the part that overwhelmed me was the sewing part..I would have to learn how to sew..I couldn't even entertain the idea it would make me feel anxious..I would just say when I am 50 or 60 yrs old I will take up sewing..It started last week Wednesday I was putting all of the baby clothes that don't fit Luna away...Far far away..I had so many receiving blankets and I wanted to give them away but then I didn't..I thought of making something out of them but once again too overwhelming.. That night I was putting Luna to sleep and then all of a sudden I found room in my body and mind. A quilt just came to me. After she fell asleep I took out the dusty sewing machine my mother in law got me. I looked on utube on how to split the square with two different types of fabric. And a way I went..It was so much fun and I eyeballed everything..I didn't have any rulers or measuring tape because i don't have them on hand. I felt like I was cooking..AND it felt good to complete it. It was 3am but I didn't care. I don't have the back on yet but the idea of it was done. Imperfectionaly perfect

I am feeling so good and proud of myself..Let me tell you finding an outlet so my natural tendency to control can shine..I AM SHINING! I did not want to go to bed until I had it looking like I pictured it in my head.

So yesterday Trinity wanted to make a skirt and I was just tired. But today I took on a very hard challenge. Instead of waiting for them to go to sleep to make it, I made a skirt with all of them around me..Can I just say chocolate ganache is very good after It was interesting..I don't think I was shining this time, more like shouting (loud in my head...well maybe it came out of my mouth once or twice)..So many times I thought about putting it away and finishing later but my alter ego needed me to finish it. Needless to say I finished it in an hour and half and I am very happy with it and so is Trinity. BellaSky was cuddled during the sewing extravaganza and Luna was fed during it as well.. She was very interested in the noise of the machine..

The first person I called when I finished the skirt was my grandmother. She has made so many beautiful things, blankets, quilts, clothes... She was very proud of me and was very excited for me. It felt so beautiful to connect with her.

She looks so cute...I will make my clothes while George is home so I can have help, wow that was hard and it wasn't fun for me to have to stop and go, stop and go....We Live and Learn.. Off to eat more cake and watch a movie together.


Anonymous said...

Quilt looks good - grandma is going to put together some fabric for you - when you come up for Trinity's b-day. I hope you continue to find the time to enjoy sewing.

love mom

jessie said...