Sunday, May 17, 2009

HOC Camping Trip

Our homeschoolers of color group had our annual camping trip this past week. We had a great time. It is so amazing what happens when we take ourselves out of our home and into nature. Everything feels so simple. No computers no cell phones no lists to do...just the birds the trees the dirt colorful moths and the ticks..

I wish I had pictures of this but there was a hammock and the kids were taking turns rocking each other really high and while they pushed each other they chanted:

We will we will rock you..rock you
Pick you up and drop you
Flush you down the toilet
Hope you enjoy it
Put you in the trash can
Take all your cash man

Then there was another version of the song that they made up, Trinity thought it was so funny:
We will rock you, rock you
pick you up and drop you
flush you down the toilet
hope you enjoy it
you know there some cake down there
you know you are going to get so much hair
on you buttocks( with her hands over her mouth b/c she thinks the word is so funny)

She just asked me if I wrote the entire thing down even the last word-buttocks..
She said her friend Jabu would say "I am so sexy" in a girls voice and they were all cracking up laughing.
You can tell they had a great time.

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