Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Great Big Happy Life RU Retreat

NJ's first radical unschooling conference was so much fun. Trinity had a blast. She played so hard every single day we were there. Her and Jackson came up with the most amazing things.
One of my favorite moments was when I was pulling them in a wagon to go see a speaker, I think it was Dayna's talk, anyway this was their conversation:
Trinity- I am stronger then 107.

Jackson- I am stronger then 245

T-I am stronger then 600 and 40 30

J- that's strong...I'm stronger.....

T- I'm stronger then infinity

J-that's not a number , infinity is not a number Trinity. Giga..... is the largest number(mind you I have never even heard of this number and I don't even remember what the full word is)

Me- Is that true Jackson? Giga something is the largest number?

J- yeah infinity is not....

Me- Oh wow I didn't even know that.

Trinity- I am stronger then infinity...

All the while Charlotte is helping me pull three children in this wagon. BellaSky is just sitting admiring the view.

One of the nights we had a talent show and I was supposed to MC it but William who you see here in the picture asked if he could MC since he is a unschooler and that he would be better for the job so the kids to see another unschooler do his thang. He was amazing. I could not have done what William did. I wish we tape recorded. Trinity made up a song and sang on stage and I cried and Jen cried. She was so brave, she even told William she was scared and he asked for everyone to give a round of applause for Trinity before she started to make her feel more welcomed. I know she was nervous..People who know her think that this is or should be easy for her because she is so outgoing but I really understand it is very different when eyes are on you. I have to give it to her, she was very brave and when she was done she was so happy she was crying. it was the sweetest moment.
I love this picture of her, she is so focused so beautiful.

The song was amazing by the way. I wish I wrote the words down. maybe someone recorded it.

Cameron, Jeffery, Biggs, I forgot his first name and his daughter as back up singer..It was fun to watch them. I was dancing with Luna in my arms.

Our NJ friends Zizi and her younger sister Luna.
Sister Goddess Funshop-I loved watching George goddess Trinity up
there is a mirror on the back of the brush

they love dressing up and make-up

I even put make-up on

It was so great to meet new people and meet friends that I have never seen face to face. We stayed with Jen and Chris in a cabin. This was our 2nd conference together and our two year friendship anniversary month. It was very special for us. She is the reason why we chose unschooling. We stayed up till 2 am every night laughing peeing falling on the ground. I haven't peed on myself laughing in I don't know how long. It was a great couple of nights. And Erika came to visit and add to our laughter.. I did the closing cerimony and it felt so good to have a special closing to a wonderful couple of days with all these amazing families.

It was exactly what I needed, we all needed before going home.

I can't wait for next year..oh and the food was yummy yummy!

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