Monday, May 11, 2009


Sugar Snap Peas, they never came inside.

Singing in the Rain
Watching daddy mow the lawn- he didn't want to stop- he ran in the rain mowing the lawn

Spring Onions have sprungAnd so has she



Did you ever notice that Brown Bear Brown Bear book has all domesticated animals with the exception of the bear and ends with a teacher and children..The Panda Bear Panda Bear book, all the animals are wild and free and ends with a dreaming child? Probably dreaming about being free while all the institutionalized children are categorized with domesticated animals..Are we domesticating our children? lol
They are BellaSky's favorite books. She reads them to me sometimes...and just to note I changed the teacher teacher to mommy mommy what do you see? The woman looks like a teacher. I need to write a children's book about unschooling life. Maybe she is telling me she wants to go to school..I have stayed up till 1am for the past three nights..I am delirious!


Ash+Geni said...

My mom also changed it to "mommy, mommy, what do you see?" even way before we were homeschooled! She also changed it to "beautiful children looking at me". Once I learned to read the book, I remember thinking it was cool that my mom did that.

Natalie said...

That's great! BellaSky who is 2 1/2 reads it all the time and reads it exactly the way I do. I love hearing her say Mommy Mommy what do you see, then she say I see children looking "about" me.