Friday, April 3, 2009

BellaSky Play

BellaSky plays so differently then Trinity. It is so interesting to watch. She can sit and play for hours alone and sometimes she prefers it that way. She doesn't like loud places, or lots of people where Trinity loves the stimulation. If we ever went to Disney World we would have to take lots of breaks so BellaSky can have her alone and quiet time. She loves to play with Trinity with her animals and they come up with the most amazing story lines. She will ask me to play with her but sometimes she really just wants me to sit there and watch her. I went to change my drivers license and brought Luna and BellaSky with me. She brought her lions with her and I was able to take a test and talk to the people there while she sat on the floor playing. Trinity would not be able to do that. She would be bored out of her mind. It is so interesting how different they are.
When she wakes up she roars like a lion and plays with Sharp teeth, Sarah, Littlefoot and Longneck...

In the afternoon she becomes a lion and in between she plays with ponies..One night after a long day of work she put them all to sleep. It was so cute.

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