Friday, March 13, 2009

Party Time

Yesterday, Kathy and three children came over and we had so much fun together. We shared great great great conversations, her oldest daughter Nicole held Luna between feedings almost the entire time. She was loving her up. When I was pregnant I met Nicole for the first time and she asked me if I was having a home birth, not when is your baby due, or are you having a boy or girl, it was Are you having a homebirth? When I said yes she said that's the way to go..I was so amazed by her tone and body language. I wanted to know who her mother was. I wanted to know who her mother was. Kathy and I hit it off. She has been unschooling longer then I have and she has two older children so it was so much fun and insightful for her to share with me her experiences.

We made vegan chocolate cake and had ice cream with it..I thought that was funny. It felt like a party.

Trinity had an amazing time. This kind of play and spirit connection was much needed for the both of us.

I had this idea and being with Kathy and her family makes me want to do it even more. So I am putting it out there to the Universe.

I want to have an Unschooling non-conference weekend at my house. When the weather is nice we can fit like 10 tents in our back yard...I would love to invite all RU to our home and have a party! Kathy said she was coming. So that is one tent.:)

They had so much fun dancing and putting on a performance for us.

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