Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Mothers Secret

A Smile, a glance, a touch, one word, or sound

knowing what to say, when to say it,

when and when not to speak

are the daily rhythms

Listen, listening, hearing, witnessing, being in every moment as they live their life

Their life...their journey...their world

My body, my womb was just the vessel that carried them from one spirit place to the next.

And here they are, second to second growing, learning and thinking for themselves...

and I just watch

Their needs go far deeper with what is shown

meeting those needs bring me far deeper into my own being

The little things we do that go unnoticed

it is my little secret

Cuddle, milk, tickle, milky, lullabies, milky, holding hands until their eyes close

crying, fussing, bad dreams, bathroom, water, diaper change

another day in the night time rhythm

I sit on the bed and watch them all sleep, listening to their breath

so peaceful, so quiet, so appreciating my life, my family

wanting so badly to go back to sleep but knowing I will be waking up to give more of me

I take that moment to give back to myself as I

breath, breath, breath............

............my secrets

Living Love Light Blessings in Motherhood

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