Monday, March 9, 2009

In the Moment

We live so in the moment everyday. Trinity really doesn't know how to live any differently. It is just who she is. One minute she wants to go for a walk the next minute we are taking pictures of the birds and the bees instead. This is great practice for me to live in freedom. Letting go of the outcome and not being so attatched to a plan. Why does the plan have to be so final? It doesn't and it is so amazing when I can throw the plan out the window. There is no more struggle or stagnant energy inside of me. It allows me to be present. Trinity and BellaSky already feel freedom, I have the privilege in joining them in that freedom. I really feel the joy in joining them in their world. That is where the connection is.

We had so much fun watching this bumblebee drink nectar from our flowers. We looked up and learned some really neat info about the bumble bee. One of which they are not really interested in stinging people. They will if they feel threatened but they are more friendlier then regular bees. That helped Trinity feel a little more comfortable with it buzzing around her.

Then Trinity found this bird on our tree branch singing. His song was so beautiful. We learned it was called the Northern Mocking Bird. Trinity and I learned that Northern Mocking Birds repeat their song seven times before it sings a different song. We counted and low and behold it changed its call after 7 times. Trinity loves how the internet knows everything. Sometimes when she asks us a question and we aren't sure, she responds, "Check the internet."

I was having so much fun and Trinity kept asking to take more and more pictures. Then she and BellaSky was on to something else.George and I were able to share a moment. It was very fluid and natural how it all happened.

I am so grateful that I get to continue this connection with my children as whole life learners. It doesn't have to end after they turn 4, or 5 because we aren't being separated by school. They are free to learn what interests them and I am here to support them in their passion, even if it only lasts 5 minutes.

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