Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trinity's Video

This was recorded on facebook. Trinity has so much fun recording herself. She has been asking me to record her so she can see it and show it to everyone. So with her permission I am sharing it with all of you. This one is really funny then at the end she confesses her sadness about me leaving her in the car which wasn't too far away from where I was standing to get us cupcakes and popped arts-our Saturday pastry treat tradition..
I didn't know that she felt that way because she agreed when I asked her if I can run and get them myself while they wait in the car.
I am so happy she found a way that was most comfortable for her to express her feelings to me. I am not sure if you will be able to hear it because she is whispering some of her words. When she was done she couldn't wait for me to see it. And we talked about what she said. She said it matter of factly, "so did you hear my sadness?" I asked if she wanted to talk about it and we did.
The other thing she expressed was that she wanted more homeschool friends. Since Luna has been born we have been home so much more then before.
I called a friend of hers and asked her mom if I can come pick her up so they can play. Trinity is so excited.
Her needs are just as important as mine and George's. I am happy that she was able to express herself to me and give me a chance to meet what has been bothering her. I am still feeling like I want to be home because that is just where I am after having Luna. But it is important for me to tune into her and her needs. She needs reminding of her own needs. It has been easy for me forget, because she is so happy being with Luna, but she needs to play too. I want to meet her need and meet mine as well. I can invite children over my house to play with her. Then both our needs are met.

I am so grateful for the reminder. I am so grateful to know another way of living this life. I was able to hear her sadness and support her with compassion and listening. So she will always know there isn't a wrong way to express herself. I will listen. And try to work with her and help her come up with ways to do it differently the next time so she can feel good. So she can make decisions that feel good to her. She will always know that I am here to help her, guide her, support her, love her unconditionally.
Trinity's passion is watching movies. I support her passion by finding movies that interest her. Some people think it is bad that I let her watch movies all day, but it isn't any different then buying books for a child that loves to read. By embracing her passion she feels good about herself. She feels free to pursue what she loves. And now she loves recording herself. I love to support her in that. It makes her so happy. She wants everyone to see her..So everyone meet Trinity.

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Vanessa Picone said...

She is so cute! Such a personality. I love how she was getting confused with the direction of where she was pointing and it was backwards in the camera. When she gets all sad I feel so bad....I just want to give her the biggest hug. We already spoke on the phone about this so I know she already feels better about her feelings. Give her a big hug for me pleeeeease! I love you.