Sunday, February 15, 2009

The LOVE on Valentines

Saturday morning after George left for work (4:30am) BellaSky woke up crying which really isn't unusual these days. This time something just made me ask, Why are you so sad? She cries a little harder saying , I love Trinity! I repeated it to make sure I understood and she nodded. Trinity with her eyes closed reciprocated the love. I looked at Trinity and her eyes were closed but she was awake. They ended up sleeping next to one another a cuddling and holding hands at BellaSky's request. It was so amazing.

Later that morning when they were up I was very excited to come up with heart shaped breakfast surprise for them. They thought it was so cute, and had fun eating it.

Then in the evening George and I were supposed to see Stomp but our babysitter canceled so him and I(Luna) couldn't go. We first were going to try to buy two more tickets so all of us could go but that didn't work...anyway...Trinity and I were going to go on our own date and see the show.

BellaSky was fine w/us leaving but then she started to cry because she wanted to go. Trinity felt so bad that BellaSky couldn't go. Then Trinity was sad. I told Trinity we had to leave or else we would be late. Trinity decided that it was more important to be with BellaSky then go to the show. So we ended up staying and having burgers and playing at a park together as a family. It was quite amazing. They love each other so much and Trinity has so much compassion. It was so visible that day.
It was a happy loving day.

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