Friday, February 13, 2009

Gardening Take 2

Last year we weren't too successful in our garden. It was also our first time trying to grow our own food. Although we did get some squash, alot of cucumbers, and like two or three tomatoes. We hope that this year will be better. This past fall we layed some lime to help the ph balance of the soil. Then layed newspaper down with mulch on top to get rid of the weeds. George built a double compost bins in the back. That has been wonderful because we can save everything for the compost, except meat of course.

We have had some really beautiful weather this week. So we took advantage of it.
George put together a lattice for sugar snap peas. We planted yellow danver onions, kale, lettuce, and George nailed wood together to for a raised bed for our beets and spinach. This way the moles don't eat them. We put horse manure to get it going. We will be getting ready to transplant broccoli, purple cabbage and green cabbage. The later in March I think we will prepare for Trinity's Sister seeds.. She is excited about that along with her poppies. It has been so much fun being out there everyday this past week and cleaning up the yard and garden. Trinity and BellaSky were interested in planting the seeds then they would play.. It was fun. Now that I am not pregnant I think it will be a little easier this year. I slung Luna on my back and planted.
I have intentions of eating more live foods. George and I love reading Mother Earth News Magazine. We get so many ideas from it. There was an article on sprouting. I have done it long time ago and it made me want to do it again. I started sprouting mung beans yesterday. They look so beautiful. I can't wait to eat them.

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