Friday, February 6, 2009

The Abundance of Love...

This morning was my first morning leaving the house with out George. I was a little bit nervous, I will admit. I had a flashback of the time when it was just Trinity and she was 4 weeks old, same age as Luna, when we were going on our first outing together with out George to my first LLL meeting. I sat in the car at the wheel and cried. Not quite the same this time except for the crying part.
No this time it was a morning of BellaSky watching Winnie the Pooh, while Trinity and I negotiate when she will get dressed,Luna is on the bed being engrossed by the light outside, while George heats himself up breakfast.
After losing the battle in getting BellaSky dressed, I feed Luna and thinking of a way to get BellaSky out of the house. I succeed in getting her tights and shirt on and she is off sliding on the floor. I feed Luna again.
I successfully get all of them out of the house just in time. I am not even sure how it happened. I do know that I was calm about it though. I was very proud of myself. They were seat belted and ready to go. I am at the wheel. Hands free. They are quietly playing in the back and as I am driving I realize... I am alone. I turn on the radio and a slow song helps me release the intense emotion that I was holding inside of me. I did it! The only person that I really wanted to speak to at that moment was my father. I told him how much I loved him and what an amazing father he is and thanked him for being my dad. Tears running down my face. I was so emotional. He embraced me in such a way that I felt so held by him. It was such a beautiful moment of connection with him. I will forever remember that moment. I knew that he saw me, he really knew what I was feeling. Thank you daddy.
I was a great morning...

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ThinkThankful said...

Oh Natalie, that first outing really is an accomplishment! Congratulations for celebrating it and yourself. Your blog is so sweet. And your girls are just sooo beautiful, they just Shine!