Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beautiful Moments

I wanted to share some of our really special moments from our holiday. It was so much fun to watch BellaSky open up gifts. We wrapped them in cloth and put them under the tree each night until Christmas. In the morning she would wrap some toys in cloth and put them under the tree for me. It was fun to play with her. One night they opened up feathers for their hair that we bought at a Native American Celebration. They loved it!

George made this gift for them and hung it on the wall on Christmas Eve after they fell asleep.
He had so much fun making it.
He loves building things and making what is in his head come to life.
I love seeing the finished product. It really amazes me when I see what he has build. He loves doing this. He would rather be making things then working for someone else.. Who knows...Put it out there George!

We went on a train ride one night at the museum. They decorated the entire area with lights. The girls loved it. BellaSky was very cautious of the man dressed up as Santa. It was funny. I love this family photo, we don't get too many.. An elf offered to take our picture.:)

Mai and Trinity

We have been friends since we were 17 years old. I am so grateful for our friendship. We have been through so much together. So many memories.... During this visit one of my favorite moments was at a New Years Eve party we went to (very last minute)-we became human smudges for one another. It was hilarious. We always laugh so hard when we are together.

The girls dancing to song after a movie.

They were cutting strips for my belly cast.

Mai was with us when we casted my belly for Trinity and BellaSky's pregnancy. It was very special she was there for this one as well. I was so happy the kit arrived before I went into labor.. Every belly has been so different. I just love that I have the memory of what I looked like. I have kept them white because I wanted to give them the option of being apart of decorating their first home. Trinity can't wait to paint hers.

This was after Mai left. It felt good to come together and close our circle.
It feels so good to be in this place.

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