Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice

Becoming a mother I didn't want Christmas to be about that one day opening up so much. Since I can't model something that isn't real, as I said in a last post I spent a lot of time meaning years trying to feel what this holiday means to me and how I would like it to manifest for my children. I am happy to be in a place where George and I have created our own traditions that actually honors a few practices and it started last year. But this year I have been very childlike around it. It just brings me so much joy and happiness.

So yesterday was the Solstice. We have been planning for it and when it arrived Trintiy was ready to decorate our tree outside for the birds as an offering.
While I had my Blessingway Ceremony the girls had a nice date with daddy. They found Holly w/red berries, and greens. We strung popcorn and had some blue berries on branches. Trinity and George really made it look nice. Trinity found some white stuffing and put it under the tree to make it look like snow.
My girlfriends made me a crown with honeysuckle vines and feathers during my blessingway. It came in handy for our blessing and candle ceremony. We had two bowls filled with blessings and request from spirit mother, and another bowl full of things we wanted to release from our energy. Each one of us wore the crown as we spoke.
They opened up their first gift that night.
It was just a beautiful day.

~May the rebirth of the Sun and the coming of more light to the Mother Earth warm all of us from the inside out. Happy Solstice~

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