Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Holiday Tradition

My question that I have had to ask myself was how can I recreate what this holiday can mean for my family? How can I recreate what this holiday means to me? Christmas was never my favorite holiday. It has taken me a couple of years to unravel the wheel in my head. I feel we are going forward now.

When we lived in NJ, every year since George and I have been together we celebrated Christmas Eve with his parents-that was their tradition-santa came to their house at midnight. We then celebrated Christmas day with my family. It felt like one really long day because we were up so late. Though I appreciate everything and I mean everything our family has given Trinity and BellaSky, I feel like it was so overwhelming for Trinity because it was so much stuff. Trinity would have like a minute or two before she was told to open the next one. It would sometimes take her a couple of days to play with any of the things she got.
Now that Trinity is getting older she has a wish list so there are certain things she is looking forward to opening. So it may not be overwhelming for her.
Now I realize too that because the holiday has shifted for me it may not be an issue anymore. It all comes from love.:)

Last year we stayed home (NC) for Christmas and we started a tradition where we celebrate Winter Solstice by making a wreath, lighting candles and saying a blessing, and sending wishes to Mother Earth(Trinity's idea). Then they get to open one gift a night till Christmas- we adopted that from the Jewish tradition. Trinity knows the truth about santa and we felt it would be fun to celebrate the gift of giving a couple of nights rather then one morning. Christmas morning they open family gifts and some little things that we have made for them.

This year I am so excited about Winter Solstice night- we will make a special dinner, make a wreath, say our blessing and send wishes to Mother Earth(this is Trinity's favorite) then we will decorate the christmas tree we used last year that we planted in our back yard and put berries and popcorn and peanut butter pine cones for the birds as an offering. Trinity is looking forward to decorating the house with lights. Last night we made decorations and ornaments for our tree. It has been nothing but fun around here. We have been singing christmas carols and dancing the jingle bells..It has been great.

We talk about the things we want to make for the people that we love. So I feel it is more focused on what we are giving then what we are getting.
It has been very exciting for me and I am feeling like a child again. We aren't shopping and stressing out and feeling like we need to buy so many gifts for family and friends. We are looking forward to making them. Including Trinity on this decision making has made it more meaningful instead of her not being apart of it. She really helps me to slow down. I am so happy that I get to celebrate the gift of giving from a place that has shifted for me and that I get to share this with them..

I just read an article from The Natural Child Project that talks about making sure our children love cup is filled around the holidays. I just love it and it feels so good to connect with my girls and know when their love cup is filled and when it is getting empty. Everyday I wish for them to feel filled but sometimes we can get caught up in stuff. When I feel and notice their love cup getting empty everything stops in the house-nothing is more important then making sure my children feel loved unconditionally.
I hope you take the time to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

When finances are tight, and money becomes an issue, it is very easy to use it as a negative factor in life,,,, then the focus changes to what you can and are able to do without finances to make different choices to make it positive and children can be easily persuaded by the choices parents make if they are presented in a loving way. Dad and I wish you have a beautiful holiday together. mom