Sunday, December 14, 2008

Homemade Hot Cocoa Stand

Yesterday morning Trinity woke up and said she wanted to have a lemonade stand. I told her it might be too cold outside for lemonade..She then said, "How about Hot Cocoa!" 
We got out some big paper stock and started to make the signs. I wrote the words and she painted them. 
I started a big pot of hot cocoa, while she got ready with a mental list of what she needed for outside.
Our neighbors came by and one car stopped. She made $8. My in laws are here and they gave her big tips. So her total was $18.
It was fun to talk about what she would like to say to her customers when they came by her table. The interaction was amazing. Everyone was making eye contact with her and asking her questions. I found myself wanting to answer them.  I actually did at one point and then I caught myself and said your asking her not me. I will just keep my mouth shut. I felt like a kid again. I laid a blanket out and me and BellaSky sat with her while she waited.
Trinity called it her outside store. She had a blast and I could see the excitement on her face when people stopped by. She also felt sadness when cars didn't stop. By the end she was trying to wave people down to come by. She was very determined and proud of her hot cocoa stand.

It was so much fun. Nurturing her ideas and supporting her in her exploration is what it is all about. Every moment is learning, money, interactions, being the boss of her own business, goals- she said to me, I imagine having a lot of people here mommy. If I put it out there the universe will help right?" I said yes. At one point there were at least 5 people standing there and when they left she said wow that was a lot of people. The universe does provide.

Here are some pics of her set up.

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