Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BellaSky and Baby

I had to post these pictures because they are so sweet. I love how much BellaSky is loving the baby inside my belly. She says she has a baby in her belly and it is coming out of her vagina. And when I ask her if she will make sounds when pushing she growls like a lion. Pam England would be pleased. LOL

When I was pregnant with BellaSky, Trinity and I would watch birth movies and crawl on the floor and make birth sounds. I told her it was the only way to help me feel good to prepare her for the birth. BellaSky is younger then Trinity was and it was a little bit harder. She would hit my belly when I would talk about the baby. So I stopped talking about it. Then one day she asked, Baby? and rubbed my belly. She just needed time I guess and I respected it. I really had to work on letting go of trying to control that situation because I was so afraid of it being so hard for her. When I let go and trusted that it will all work out, she is all about the baby. Now we talk about it and on Thanksgiving I wanted to take some shots of my belly and so did BellaSky. It was very sweet.

She asked me to hug her baby. And while I was hugging her baby she was patting my head. I wish you could see it. It was so adorable.

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