Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Pics, George's Birthday and Belly

I really wanted to post pictures of the girls on Halloween. They made their own Halloween bags and Trinity came up with her Halloween costume-Beautiful Butterfly "BIG WINGS"

She told me how she wanted her face painted. She made her antennas out of pipe cleaners, she was very cute.

BellaSky wanted her face painted just like Trinity and she wore a fairy skirt and slippers. We could not find the wings and she was ok with that.:)

George and Trinity carved the pumpkin and it was his first time ever carving a pumpkin. Trinity thought that was funny.

There was a Halloween block party in our neighborhood and Trinity had fun dancing with the marching band.

Blowing kisses at daddy

She was done walking.`

After hours of trick-or -treating, marching bands, and a fire dancer, we walked home and on the way saw that the Baptist Church was having free face painting and games. So Trinity got to be a vampire as well. She also fell asleep at 2 am that night..

November 1st
Happy Birthday! I forgot to buy candles so we used an incense stick as a candle...:) The girls and I made upside down pineapple cupcakes..Yummy!

I still have more growing to is the angle of the camera. Some people think I am going to burst, this is how I grow people.

You and me baby!

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