Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

We had an amazing day. It really is amazing how much your children feed off your energy because they were in such good moods today as well. Our vibration of gratefulness, love, peace was so strong that they seemed to feel the same thing. I feel this to be true all the time but today it was very powerful and noticeable. I want everyday to be like this, working together, everyone communicating and sharing and being in a great space to hear one another. It was just beautiful.

On Thanksgiving morning we prepared the dough for Sugar cookies. That is what Trinity wanted for dessert. It was so much fun and the dough tasted yummy.

BellaSky loves getting her hands in anything. Trinity enjoys finding and matching the measurements..-see we are learning everyday even on holidays.

They are mixing the butter with the sugar. They loved the taste of that.

George basted the turkey the day before. He was very excited about HIS turkey. He had so much fun preparing the bird. I usually do all the cooking, but in the past couple of months he has been experimenting-with frozen foods and pastas and baking boxed cakes. It has been fun to watch him. This was really awesome for him to take this on and want to make this turkey for his family. I felt so nurtured by him. It was really nice that I didn't have to do it all. I didn't mind preparing the turkey but when he said he was going to do it I was like OK cool. All I have to do is make the sides. It just really felt like were working together all day long. It was such a beautiful shift for us. I felt so connected to him.

Trinity wanted the leg and that is really all she ate,and when we gave BellaSky a plate of cut up meat she said NO big big!! I am so glad there were two legs. And that is all they both ate.

Later that night before watching Pirates of the Caribbean we made our cookies. See the BIG Belly..That's what BellaSky calls it.

Trinity making her cookies
We made strawberry frosting which didn't turn out very good but the kids liked it..Too sweet for me.

Trinity's cookies. It was a great day all together.

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