Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Update

With everything that is happening in my relationship, I almost feel like everything is at a stand-still. But life still goes on. Gosh there is so much happening but even so I am so appreciative of this process because I am learning so much about myself and George. It is the only way to continue growing. I am feeling so filled up of love and abundance. I trust there is a very good reason as to why we are revisiting this place. I don't know how it will end but then again there never is an end, no finish line- we just keep going. It feels so good to have family and friends to fall into and ask for help which is usually just asking them to listen. And they have so compassionately.

BellaSky is now repeating everything that I am saying or what Trinity is saying, which is so funny. With tone and everything. So if I am expressing myself to George or Trinity,I have an echo, with the same tone..He is looking at me and looking at her and it is very comical..I can only imagine what he is
Trinity is loving to decorate the house for Halloween as it is her favorite holiday. We decorated our outside steps and window. She wants to be a wolf for Halloween and can't wait to go trick or treating. She wanted to make her own trick or treat bag, so they both made one out of a zip lock bags and decorated it with pictures and stickers. She says she is recycling..She is awesome.

The mornings are getting brisk and it has been really nice to stay in bed under the covers and cuddle and talk about our dreams that we had that night. Of course they both argue who is going to lay next to me, and since I can't lay on my back b/c it is very uncomfortable there is only one side of me that is acceptable.:) I have so many pictures that I want to share but I haven't downloaded them yet. I will soon.

The other day I made apple butter and it was so much fun and tasted so good. You can never have enough on warm home made biscuits. Yummy!!
I have been nesting and cleaning and it has been so much fun. I usually don't enjoy it but it has been nice to give love to and prepare my home.

Two weeks ago Trinity and I made energy stones..We found some rocks and painted them with love and hearts and designs and we put them on our nature table.. I only mention that because trinity asked if I was going to put it on the blog and I told her I would. I painted a heart for love and a yin/yang for balance..I plan on putting it on my alter for my birth. She painted an alligator a heart and light. It was so much fun to share that with her. She is very excited that this baby is coming..BellaSky is starting to love my belly and say big belly big growing baby..It is so cute.
I am starting to feel myself going inward-the natural process of pregnancy, it is my favorite part. I receive alot of messages during this stage and I trust I will have many.

One very exciting thing is I taught my 2nd birthing class tonight and it was amazing. The baby is kicking as I am saying it. There was so much connection between the couples and guiding them to stay in that place just brought tears to my eyes because I have been given this opportunity to do so and bare witness to them. I honor that and it has been wonderful for me to be apart of it as a pregnant mother. I am learning from them and reminded of the process. I am loving it.
This is a very all over the place post but life has been all over the can be that way sometimes.. I didn't want to forget these special moments.
I will share pictures soon.
Be well.

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