Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Endeavors

I am so excited to share that I am officially an Unschooling United Facilitator. When Dayna posted this idea I was on board from the start but there wasn't space in my life for it. I kept trying to force it but it wasn't working. So I let it go.. Months past and space was provided for this new journey. I have been a La Leche Leader for a couple of years I have also been a birth doula for 5 years and I feel this is a great way to continue to give and receive support..It is such a natural process of meeting our children's needs from birth-the pregnancy and connection with your baby to infancy -knowing when they are hungry, tired,changing of diapers/or needing to eliminate( EC) to the toddler years of extended breastfeeding, them needing a different kind of emotional support and comfort and loving guidance, and continue through the many new stages in their life, education being one of them. I feel there is support out there until a certain age but then after it is all lost.

This natural process of attachment parenting doesn't have to stop when they reach a certain age it can continue. I have heard many times, have had enough of what ever it is they are into..Not all breastfeeding mothers say to their infant or 9month old they have had enough milk while they are nursing and take them off the breast, they know and trust that when that baby is full the baby will let go. The baby knows when he is full and has had enough. If that trust in our babies continues through out childhood that child will know and trust their own bodies when they have had enough of anything. There are so many times when I find myself having such a hard time with emotional situations and I am an adult with experience and tools. I can't imagine not having support or some telling me to sit by myself and deal with it alone, when all I want is to be held and heard.

Children have their own journeys and have their own experiences that are different from our own. Separating ourselves from them helps us see them more as their own individual. Allowing them that same freedom they had when they where babies to express their needs and meeting them gives them more trust and confidence in themselves and allows a better trust in the parent child relationship. Loving guidance and respect through this process will create a joyful and happy life as a family.

I really look forward to giving this type of support to other families that want something different and are in transition to living this way because it can be hard work. But at the same time it is constant healing. With support and community it is possible to free ourselves from our past and change our future and support our children in theirs fully and organically..I am so excited to be apart of this. Life is learning -

what I touched on was the emotional aspect, there is the educational piece of unschooling. The website has more info.

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