Thursday, September 18, 2008

BellaSky is 2 yrs Old

BellaSky was born September 18th 2006 at 5am..What an amazing morning.
This morning I woke wondering what time it was and remembering my labor while she breastfed. It was just me and her half awake in bed while George and Trinity were sleeping. I whispered her birth story in her ear. Every now and then she would cuddle closer and closer to me. It was such a bittersweet moment. Not only did I give birth to her but I feel I birthed myself that morning. Happy Birthday Baby I love you so much. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.

She slowly came out and into this warm water and when her spirit entered her body she moved and I lift her gently out of the water. George was repeating You did it, you did it! And Trinity repeated You did it Baby! You did it!

Trinity was 3years old and loving her baby sister. I was making the necklace around Trinity's neck for the baby while my contractions started.. I held the necklace in my hand during the labor but when my contraction got harder and harder, at one point I threw the necklace across the room b/c I felt the contractions were too powerful for me to handle, but I got through it and found it on Trinity's neck after the

Sleeping soundly and beautifully and peacefully.

We kept her placenta attached until it stopped pulsating. I wanted a lotus birth but wasn't sure how that was going to be with Trinity wanting to be around and hold the baby all the time so we just waited till the next day and it was all dried up. Trinity and George cut the cord. It was so beautiful to carry her around with her placenta next to her.
We made beautiful placenta prints and a placenta tincture.

Trinity was so in love with her, still is. Even when she wants space from

Breastfeeding our babies:)

We had a really sweet day today. I sang happy birthday when she woke up and she was just smiling. I wonder if she knew. I am sure she felt how special the day was. We went out to breakfast and she ate off of everyones plate asking what's this? When we tell her she would say OH..then eat it..We walked around town and visited a soda shop, played and they shared a Chocolate truffle shake together. We had cake before dinner, which was funny.

Naked Baby and her cake. She was singing right along. Anytime someone called to wish her a happy birthday she wished them happy birthday right back. She said Sky's cake?


I love capturing them with their daddy.

Beautiful Day!


jill said...

hi! found your link on the uu list. your kids are so beautiful! i love their hair!
happy birthing day!

Mem said...

happy birthday bella sky!!!

Dayna Martin said...

I could literally, for a fleeting moment, smell that freshly-birthed-baby-smell looking at the pics of tiny Bella sky!!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! (((hugs)))

Brigitte said...

Hey girlie! How are things? Well you are in labor or just about done. Titi Margie called to give me the news. Hope all is beautiful! Sending you love and beautiful energy while you birth your new angel. Love you guys! Sending love and womanly power your way right now. Much love!