Tuesday, September 2, 2008

5AM Challah

BellaSky decided that is was time to wake up at 4am today. Trinity second that notion. They both played with the doodle pad on the bed. Trinity was helping BellaSky with all her questions. It was actually very cute while I was feeling dizzy from being so tired. We all said goodbye to daddy as he left for work. He wished me luck..:)At first I was feeling and wishing they would go back to sleep, but they were in their own world having nothing to do with mine. It would have just ended up in a struggle. I laid next to them and shut my eyes for a little..
Then Trinity asked me, if we don't practice a religion then what do we practice? There is no better time then anytime for any questions..lol This was a previous conversation the night before that we all had together. I told her we practice mindfulness, awareness and we support constant human evolution..and though we don't practice an organized religion, we do believe in God-greater power and that he/she is in all of us. He isn't one person. She asked, are we Jewish..I said no, ...(our neighbors are and Trinity has broke bread with them many times)
I asked her if she would like to make Challah and break bread and say a blessing..She was very excited..So i got out of bed and searched for Challah recipes.. I found a recipe that was called Apple cider Challah.. We made Challah for the first time at 5am. She was very enthusiastic about helping. I have never made it before so I wasn't sure what it was supposed to feel like.. It was fun..
BellaSky wanted to take a bath with her dinosaurs. Then we watched Charlotte's Web (BellaSky's new favorite movie b/c it has horses in it)and we all fell asleep on the couch waiting for the dough to rise. We didn't wake up until 9:30 -10...
The Dough has Risen!, lol speaking of what we practice...we practice dough in our home. (it has been a long time since making bread in our home since I have been pregnant)
It was so much fun braiding and glazing with honey.Trinity said she painted it. What a peaceful early morning.
We did say a blessing and drank red wine-Trinity wished to find BellaSky's dog that they hid behind the couch. Then Trinity said she wanted to be Jewish. When I asked why, she explained becasue she wanted to break bread. I explained that we can break bread anytime she wants to...
It feels so good to let go and just be with them..It took me a while but it was wonderful to connect with them in their way, the way they wanted to. I am so happy I can meet them there. We are so connected and now I am ready for a nap.

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