Saturday, August 23, 2008

Women Cirlces, Soul Sisters

Where are you? Are you hiding underground somewhere...Show your face...Show your soul...Share your tears of joy, your tears of pain...Walk with me in my journey and allow me to walk with you in yours...Bare witness..hold sacred space...celebrate in dance, walk to the beat of your own drum, teach me a song.. A womens tribe come to life once again..

This afternoon I was in the presence of hope, love, grace. Held by the hands of mothers, grandmothers aunts and sisters..We all take a piece of the role. Sitting with these women and speaking our birth stories was such a gift. Sharing my tears and fears and being held, not giving me answers, just honoring me and loving me through it..This is a need that I have and I don't want it to go away.
Why does this language have to be so hard to find..But I am grateful I have found it. I felt so at home and so safe. It left me wanting more and looking forward to the next time we gather.
Thank you ladies for your wisdom and unconditional love and support. Thank you for allowing me in your world.
Blessings to the women who stand in circle, bonded by energy and stories that carry you through. May all women find the courage to ask for what they need and give themselves permission to be vulnerable when the safe container is present.

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