Friday, August 29, 2008

Letting Go

I am having some friends over today for a potluck BBQ and I am very excited because I realize on my vision board that I made a couple of weeks ago, I wrote, May we always find connection in the kitchen. Wishing to have a kitchen filled with friends and family. And it will be filled today and Sunday with beautiful families.
So I am getting ready for today and wanting to tidy up a little just so the place looks presentable. Well my children have a different agenda:)...Do this with me mommy, read to me mommy, take the paint off of me mommy, i want to take a bath mommy, a trail of paint footprints all over the house( it is actually funny)...When all I would like to do is clean..I realize how frustrated I was becoming, and stopped and asked myself to what extent am I willing to sacrifice todays connection with my children. I don't want to miss out on what they are painting and learning and wanting to learn.. the eye to eye contact that BellaSky needs from me right now this minute. I can't miss out on any of it. My friends are here to connect with me and my family not my house.
I guess I was feeling like things needed to look a certain way and I was getting stressed about it, and all they were telling me was to just sit and relax and not stress about it. They felt it. They just know.
I was able to read and paint and play and hold BellaSky and look into her eyes...And now they are happy...aside from BellaSky being scared to poop...that is another story..George will be home soon and then I will be able to clean the
Life is great!

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