Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everyday is painting day

Trinity and BellaSky love to paint. They are so focused.
All the paints, brushes, material are at arms reach for them. They are always available. Trinity loves creating and drawing pictures and painting them.
BellaSky was always taking Trinity's drawing pads and painting or drawing on them, and trinity wasn't too happy about that. I don't blame her she really puts alot of work into her art. So we bought BellaSky her own pad of paper just for her, more paints, more brushes, and projects, and we got them spin art machine....All the paper it came with is gone and all the paint is gone..They had a blast! they are always naked.. it was fun to watch them talk about who's turn it is..BellaSky feels it is always her turn..
She painted a deer
BellaSky and Trinity sharing a turn- that cute butt...

Finally her turn! It must feel like forever for her.

There art for today...there is a blue picture that BellaSky made on the bottom left, it reminded me of the International Breastfeeding Friendly picture that was made for the Mothering Magazine contest.
Some extra pictures.
Trinity in her office.
BellaSky was determined...

She was hungry..

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