Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birth Art and Love Messages

A very good friend of mine back in NJ sent me this beautiful picture when I first moved here as a gift. I kept it in its traveling box for safe keeping. I was really avoiding it though, I realize now. I guess at the time I didn't want to be reminded of the fact that what is meant to be will be. ;)
I love this picture so much and now it is out loud and proud.. It is by a woman named Natasha Smoke Santiago. She titled it Cycle of Life- Grateful for Pregnancy. One morning I just felt I emulated this picture and I framed it. While I was throwing out the box the business card fell out. I had never seen it before, the entire time I had no idea what the name of this print was called. It was only when I was ready. I thankful for patience.
I am in a place of feeling so grateful for my life and where I am, who I am, for my partner and my children. I am thankful that this being growing inside of me as chosen me and George to guide them in this world. I look forward to all the things she/he will teach me and us.
Trinity found my measuring tape and so I layed on the couch and taught her how to measure my belly. She was then fishing for BellaSky with the measuring tape and saying I am catching my little doula and I am mommy's little midwife..Both of them running around the house yelling we are the little midwives and doulas! It was music to my ears..

Earlier today while BellaSky was taking a nap Trinity wanted give pictures to the baby.. You may not be able to see it all, it isn't close up. It felt so good. I could feel all her loving energy on me for the baby. Through out this experience Trinity has given nothing but love to the belly. Any moment she has she lays her hands on the baby giving love. I am grateful for Trinity as she has taught me no matter where I am in my journey to never forget to love.

There is a rainbow, flowers, heart with blue blood coming out-she calls it bleeding heart, water with a boat, the sky with a moon, around my bellybutton is circle of green with white light around it to protect it and a symbol above it for the baby.(her words) Oh and I can't forget the person with a crown.

I love what she sees and how she communicates it. Thank you Trinity for continuously teaching me pure authentic unconditional love.. I live to give this back to you. I dig deep through the mess to find what was lost and forgotten- my light. What we all remember and then forget about ourselves. I love you and way you love.

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