Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trinity's Poem

It has been so long since I last wrote. The last six weeks were hard but I am happy that part is over. I am 16 weeks now and growing. Trinity is very excited about another baby and BellaSky just looks at my belly but doesn't seem to notice.

Trinity wrote this amazing poem and I asked her if I could write it on the blog. Since I haven't written in so long, I thought this was a nice way to come back and share our lives again. I was so amazed how it was just coming out of her as I was writing what she was saying.

trinity's poem
Deep deep deep inside you
It is a great adventure
The owls are screetching
The foxes are digging
The wolves are howling
It is so much fun deep inside you

Deep deep deep inside you
The birds are whistling
The flowers are saying hello
The wind is saying goodbye
The trees are whistling
It is so much to learn deep deep deep inside you

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